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Beautiful Minds


Beautiful Minds explores the adversity which is caused by bullying. This riveting, emotional, yet comical stage play tackles bullying from each of the following perspectives: Parents, Students, Bullies, and Victims. 

Rise Up 1


Every family has its share of secrets. Unfortunately, some are more detrimental than others.  

When Paul seeks to fulfill his baby girl’s dreams—and better the family in the process—he soon learns that everything that glitters ain’t gold. They say, “Nothing is as powerful as a mother’s love.” But, what happens when that mother’s love is “to die for’? 

Rise Up 2


What happens next in the Hanna Household will shock you! Will they be able to Rise Up from this? If you thought Rise Up 1 was suspenseful and dramatic, wait till you see what happens in Rise Up Two.

Flippin' Da Script


It's a dog eat dog world when it comes to this married couple. One thing's for sure, Tonya believes wholeheartedly in flipping the script, but what she isn't prepared for are the consequences she will soon face. See what happens when we take vengeance into our own hands.

Salon Drama


Salon Drama, focuses on the life of an upcoming stylist, small town girl, who has BIG aspirations to be a worldwide stylist and entrepreneur.  Salon Drama compels viewers to never give up on their hopes and dreams, no matter the obstacles and hardships experienced along the way. This play is edgy, thought provoking, uplifting, emotional, and incredibly funny play that will leave you yearning for an encore.