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Welcome to Sue-Ham's Anti-Bullying

Our AntiBully Rallies are engaging, fun, impactful, entertaining, and educational. Our rallies differ in a magnificent way because we incorporate the following:

  • Skits
  • Music
  • Talk Back Sessions
  • Lectures 

We teach the four types of bullying: physical, cyber, verbal, and social/relational.

Our sessions consist of 45 - 60 minutes of engaging content which helps the students to see anti-bullying from an entirely new perspective.

Students have opened up in our rallies about bullying at school and home; they've shared stories of how they overcame bullying as well as stories as to how bullies made them feel.

Some of our speakers are high school students who've suffered bullying, but yet made it through to share their success stories and their coping mechanisms. 

Please see the testimonials and videos below from previous rallies.


Sue-Ham Anti-Bullying Rally

Principal Mack, Greeleyville Elementary

Anti-Bullying Rally at GES

Anti-Bullying Skit

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